Radio amateurs honor Beethoven in the jubilee year

From 2019 December, 16th to 2020 December, 17th the Beethoven anniversary year will take place under the auspices of the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The aims of this anniversary are to convey Beethoven’s work, to strengthen and promote innovative projects, and to increase Bonn’s reputation as a Beethoven city.
Ludwig van Beethoven was born in December 1770 in Bonn and lived here for the first 22 years.

= Bonn global citizen> Ludwig van Beethoven was born and raised in Bonn.
T = Tonkünstler> In his self-confidence, Beethoven is considered a “modern” artist & individualist.
H = Humanist> Beethoven was a follower of the values of the French Revolution.
V = visionary> Beethoven was a musical visionary who shaped the music world.
N = nature lover> Beethoven loved nature in a romantic sense.

Call: DL250BTHVN
Date: 2019 December, 16th to 2020 December, 15th

Beethoven Certificate

– Two connections with the callsign DL250BTHVN on two different bands.
– Only connections in the anniversary year count.

There are no other requirements or restrictions.
Click here for the application.
After successful verification, the certificate will be sent as a PDF within 7 days by email.
The Beethoven Certificate is in German.

QSL Information
If you need a QSL Card, use ClubLog OQRS please.
Incoming QSL cards will be answered.
Please send QSL cards preferably via BUREAU.
Address for direct QSL cards:

We also upload the QSOs to DARC DCL, eQSL and LOTW.

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